21 02 2013

Project Reflect 13–Losin’ It!

19 12 2012

We’ve all experienced loss at some point in our lives, whether it was the loss of a loved one or a family pet, or maybe you lost something that was deeply important to you that you can’t get back. Did you experience loss in 2012? What was it, and how did it affect you emotionally?

I guess my loss isn’t of the negative kind as I am sure someone else may write about.

My loss is off the positive kind. My loss is of a waistline, a pants size (or 6!), and a lot of pounds.

It’s been a really positive year for me in this department. I have seen my weight drop tremendously over the months. I have seen me fit into pants that are several waist sizes smaller than the ones I bought just earlier this year.

You cannot begin to imagine how thrilled I am at all this. However, the battle is far from over. While, I am happy now, I know this is a problem that I must continue to face headon and keep my foot on the gas pedal.

The support of my family and friends has been unbelievable. That has helped me confidence wise and emotionally. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the new positive outlook that I am developing thanks to my fans.

You guys all rock and I couldn’t do this without you!

Thank you all!

Project Reflect #12

19 12 2012

Prompt: Since you’re following these prompts, you’re more than likely a blogger. Was there a time this year where you received a comment on a blog post that made you want to just throw in the blogging towel and shut down your blog? Maybe you deleted the comment but it’s still bugging you. Call that person out (but not by name) and tell them how their comment made you feel! And if you haven’t gotten any particularly rude comments, write to someone that pissed you off! Get it all out!

I will keep this one short and sweet since I don’t have a particular person in mind. Just a few in general doing certain things.

One thing that I never understood is why that some people like to be so negative. I know a few people that never seem to post anything but negative comments on social media (Twitter, Facebook, instagram). This also includes people I see in person that seem to do nothing but be negative. This is a pet peeve of mine. Nobody has a reason to be that miserable all the time.

So, lighten up people. It’s a beautiful day.

Prompting It Up! December 11-Reflect (Belated).

19 12 2012

December 11th Prompt: Did you read a book this year that changed your life? What was it? What was it about? Would you recommend it to other people? Additionally, did you read a book that was absolutely terrible and left you wondering why the heck you read it?

Hmm, I am afraid that I cannot answer this reflection. I haven’t read a book in awhile, I have started listening to books in audio book format. So technically, I cannot answer this question since I have not “read” a paper book in a while.

However, as for stories, one that stuck out to me this year was Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. I read the book once I discovered that the movie was coming out and it was one of the better book that I indulged in during my lifetime.

I know a lot of people judge the story based on the premise, but it is sad that they’re missing out. This book was an easy read and vastly entertaining (and the movie wasn’t too bad either). So, go ahead and scoff at me or the story, but I am here to say that this is a book worth looking into.

ProjectReflect12– 10 Little Words

11 12 2012

December 10th Prompt: Rather than picking just one word to describe 2012, what are 10 words that you can use to describe 2012? Why did you choose these words, and how do they make you feel? If you can’t pick 10, pick as many as you can come up with. Are there any words for 2012 that you don’t want to see in 2013? Additionally, are there any words you wanted to use for 2012 but didn’t?

Oh, this was not an easy prompt. However, after some thought and brainstorming, I think I came up with some appropriate words. So, here they are.

1. Confidence – I haven’t been this confident in myself in a very long time. Honestly, I cannot remember the last time that my person confidence / self esteem was this high.

2. Thin – the ultimate goal of this year. I started out wanting to be thin, or at least thinner, and the results are showing gradually. There’s been a huge difference since January.

3. Support – Something that makes anything possible. The support I have received from those around me has been simply incredible. I cannot thank people enough for all the support that they have given me.

4. Workout – The story of my life right now. Going to work and then working out afterwards; walking, running, jogging, lifting, and cycling have become part of my daily routine and part of my life.

5. Goals – You cannot have any success without something to aim for. Try it, I did. Set a goal, and do something to make that goal happen.

6. Baseball – Anyone that knows me knows that I had to put this on here. This is my true love, the greatest sport in the world and I cannot wait for it to come back next season.

7. Live – This is something that I’ve learned to do this year. Live your life. Be active, have fun. Make your life worthwhile.

8. Pushups – Something I want to successfully accomplish one day. It’s been a very long time since I did a real pushup. Actually, I cannot recall a time where I actually did one. This will be a historic event when it occurs.

9. Inspiration – Something I have seen to given people this year. I’ve had several people tell me that my hard work has been their inspiration to start being more active themselves. There is not a higher compliment that one can be given.

10. Achievement – The perfect summation of my 2012.

Excuse the language in this song, it was the best one that I could find:

Project Reflect Day 9–Slimmin’ Down

9 12 2012

Alright guys, here it is. Day 9 of #ProjectReflect12.

Prompt: Sometimes, there is just one day out of 365 that is just so amazing, that you’re just blissfully *happy*, even when things don’t go your way. Has there been a day this year that sticks out in your mind, where you’ve just been so happy that you had to shout it from the rooftops? What happened? What made that day better than any other day in 2012?

As you guys can probably already tell, a lot of these reflection posts are going to be surrounding my weight loss that I have undertaken recently. Since this is a huge part of my life, it is going to be mentioned a lot hah. Today’s prompt is no exception.

I don’t know the exact date, but it was fairly recently that this occurred. I was fumbling through my old clothes an came across a pair of khakis that I had not worn in years. I guess a reason for their recent lack of use was that I was 6 sizes bigger than the pants were. Honestly, they may not have been my pants at all, but they were 6 sizes smaller than the pants I had bought last October.

For some randon reason, I decided to try the pants on.

They fit! I gasp. Finally physical proof of my weight loss. It was really working. I can’t explain how positive this day was for me.

Project Reflect: Day 8 –

9 12 2012

Alright guys, here it is. Day 8 of #ProjectReflect12.

Prompt: Some things get better over time. Maybe you started something like Couch to 5K in the beginning of the year, and now you’ve run your first marathon. Perhaps you couldn’t boil water, and now you’re a gourmand in the kitchen. What is something you started in the beginning of 2012 that you can now do better at the end? How was the journey along the way?

I don’t think I started any particular thing this year. I guess what you could say that I did was build up my own stamina over the year. I started the year with walking, slowly trying to improve on each previous month’s walking totals. I wanted to become stronger with each month, move faster, and increase my totals.

I started out with a low monthly goal and kept building it up and now, I have “graduated” from just walking to running as well. Last month, I reached 40 miles running and this month, I am aiming for 60. I am aiming to keep increasing this total as I go along.

I guess you could say I started this thing with the goal, a dream if you will, of being able to say I am a “runner” and I am slowly getting there, if I haven’t reached it already. Wish me luck!

I think this song appropriate fits the theme of this post as well as the overall goal. It borders on the corny.